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My name is Sean Duffy. I am a tech enthusiast specialising in software automation, cloud, and development / delivery. I’m originally from South Africa, having grown up in a small town called Pietermaritzburg. Growing up there, I picked up a number of passions and hobbies, from art, to running, and of course computers and technology.

Later on I moved to the nearby coastal town of Durban, where I studied Graphic Design at the (then named) Durban Institute of Technology.

I had a brief career in Graphic Design before deciding it wasn’t to my liking, pivoting and switching over fully to a career in technology.

Nowadays I live in the UK and run my own Software / DevOps consultancy company, picking up contracts with clients where I can help them build out fully automated platforms and software solutions in the cloud.

On the side, I still maintain my base hobbies and interests. I dabble in a bit of art and design here and there at a personal level, and am a very keen trail runner.

I also love games programming and creation. Currently I am an author and final pass edit Unity Game Development Tutorials over at raywenderlich.com.

In addition to that, I create game development tooling and assets on the Unity Asset Store.

I also occasionally blog about my hobby of game development over at hobbyistcoder.com.

This site is a blog where I post various articles on the latest tech I am playing around with, working on, or interested in. From automation, to cloud, containers, kubernetes, serverless, and more.

Why “Shogan” and not “Shogun”?

“Shogan” is a nickname given to an old friend of mine and myself by his younger brother when we were kids. I am not sure why it was spelt this way, but it was. I guess it just stuck and I have used it as an online “handle” ever since. The nickname has caused much confusion in the past. In a Get-Scripting podcast I was even thought to be called “Sean Hogan” (i.e. S.Hogan) at first.

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