How to Manage the “Big Data” Revolution

Big data is quickly becoming a problem for enterprising companies as it presents difficulties in how to best analyze, monetize and capitalize large amounts of information within a business and across the globe. There are large amounts of sources that information and data comes from, leading to companies which are looking for partners that can help with their entire big data spectrum in assessing how the company is doing and all of the information surrounding it, as well as preserving that information for later dates and campaigns.  Over the next decade, these needs will become greater for enterprising level organizations and it is important that they explore the options and solutions to the big data revolution in order to keep on top of their game.


The Sources of Data

There are a few solutions to managing the big data revolution, but first it is important to understand where all of this information is coming from. Of course, information across the globe comes from many sources and can be seen in several formats, but the most common places data is found are on social media, in phone and web applications, on customer profiles and in documents. Other places of vital information are found in financial transactions as well as emails, videos, and favorite subscribers. These main sources of data are continually being improved upon and gathering more information by the second. This can seem daunting to enterprising businesses but there are a few easy solutions to understanding the massive amounts of data coming from several different sources at all times.


The Solutions

There are three solutions that intertwine together to create one large solution to the big data revolution.  The first is to turn you data center into a virtualized one or to find a data center that can host your company virtually. The second solution is to look into storage options that can hold all of the information being gathered and cope with it. Thirdly, detailed and complete infrastructure management (DCIM) is key to have in place. It is the combination of all three of these solutions that an enterprising business can manage the big data revolution.

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