Speed Maze, the game for iPhone / iPod Touch

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Speed Maze is an accelerometer controlled maze game, where you tilt your iPhone / iPod Touch to control and navigate through various mazes in the quickest possible time, without touching any walls (or else you’ll lose life). Upload scores to an online leaderboard to compete with others.

Download to your iPhone or iPod touch through Cydia (Search for “Speed Maze”) or else find it in the Games category in Cydia.

I have been developing this in little bits of spare time I find at home, and just as a side note, I don’t claim to be a programmer either – I work in IT, so don’t expect miracles here! The game is a little bit buggy in the control method at the moment (hitting walls, you tend to get a little bit stuck – so I do need to find a better solution for this in the game loop. Any suggestions, please let me know!) I have designed the graphics myself – GUI, level backdrops etc too.

Please leave any comments or suggestions in the comments area below. Thanks!

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