Cosmosis – A 2D space shooter for iOS / iPhone / iPod Touch


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Cosmosis is an action packed, arcade style 2D space shooter, featuring stunning space backdrops and awesome parallax scrolling backgrounds for iPhone and iPod touch.

Unknown aliens have launched a life threatening attack on various human colonies across the galaxy. It is up to you to intercept incoming waves of aliens destroyers, who protect massive bomber warships (bosses), en-route to our surviving outposts and systems.

Cosmosis features great space backdrops and graphics, fluid gameplay, and awesome particle effects. Destroy enemies to gain score, pickup new weapons and bonus items for your ship whilst you attempt to thwart the alien invasion in Campaign mode. Otherwise, try out the Survival mode for a relentless, action packed session against increasingly difficult waves of alien ships.

Compete with others online on the leader boards and earn other great achievements with OpenFeint integration.

  • Features 12 action packed levels (plus one bonus level) with stunning graphics and backdrops.
  • Survival Mode – non-stop relentless action. Compete for the highest possible score.
  • Many different powerups and bonus items to collect.
  • Smooth graphics and stunning particle effects.
  • OpenFeint achievements and scoring
  • Arcade-like, 2D space shoot-em-up action!
  • Recently updated to include vastly improved control and more control options.
  • Recently updated to improve the game based on feedback from players.
Cosmosis - Gameplay screenshot
Cosmosis - Gameplay screenshot 2
Cosmosis - Gameplay screenshot 3
Cosmosis - Gameplay screenshot 4
Cosmosis - Gameplay screenshot 5

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A huge thanks to Riq and all the guys over at the cocos2D forums for making such a great community (and engine!)

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Cosmosis was featured on OpenFeint’s FGOTD promotion (07/12/2010)! Showcased App!

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