Vote for my PuppetLabs entry

It’s not often that I push for votes or request votes for anything, but I am keen to win this one!

PuppetLabs are doing a competition where you submit GIF animations depicting an IT “horror story” with humor. My entry is below and I would love if you could check it out and hit the Vote button just below my entry GIF on the link to follow…


Free Virtualization Icon set

For a recent personal project I have been working on (vMetrics for WordPress), I had a requirement for some Icons, all virtualization related. I had a quick look around but couldn’t find many that had no strings attached. I therefore decided to create my own set. These are all original and I have created them myself. You will of course recognise some of the designs from the vSphere Client – these I used as inspiration and re-created from scratch.



Feel free to use these in your own projects, charts, or presentations. All that I ask is that you drop me a comment below to let me know if they were useful or not 🙂


[download id=”18″]


Creating a Panoramic photo – Pamukkale, Turkey

Here is my first attempt at a panoramic photo stitch. I took a series of five photos overlooking the area known as Pamukkale in Turkey recently. After converting them from RAW files to JPGs, I downloaded and installed “Hugin”. It is an opensource panoramic photo stitcher. You simply specify the series of images, click align, and then click “Create panorama”. After saving the output and cropping the final file down a bit here is what I ended up with.

Pamukkale Panoramic view
Pamukkale Panoramic view