Backup Exec 2010 – Restore window hangs on devices tab

Just a quick post today. This is not necessarily a software issue, but I did come across it the other day whilst trying out the latest version of Backup Exec. Admittedly, it was my fault the restore window was freezing.

What I was doing was testing out various restores of backup jobs that had been done on two different types of devices – one device being a standard B2D (Backup to Disk) and one device being the newer Deduplication type device. I had previously removed the Deduplication device and deleted the Deduplication storage folder on the Backup Exec Media server, so every time I chose to restore from a backup set that was previously done on the deduplication storage the restore window would freeze, and I would have to kill the BE GUI.

After this happened a few times to me I realised that I was trying to reference a job done on deduplication storage, which I had previously deleted. Duh! So just in case you come across a hanging devices tab when trying to restore, check that it is not trying to reference a device that has previously been removed. Ideally, the software would have handled this problem and displayed an error to the effect of “Device not found” instead of freezing the entire GUI and leaving the CPU stuck on 100% utilisation each time it happened.

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