Nominate your top VMware & Virtualization blogs for 2012


This morning I came across a link to regarding blog nominations for the top Virtualization (look at that, I spelt Virtualization with a “z”!) blogs of 2012 happening between 23/01 and 07/02. I missed out on the blog nominations for the list earlier on in January, but will still be voting of course. It will be a tough choice, as there are so many talented and deserving bloggers out there. My voting strategy will involve choosing five well known blogs that I enjoy reading and think deserve a vote, along with five other blogs that deserve more attention that what they get (in my opinion). I’ll try spread the votes out one by one, so that there is a good mix of points for both sets of blogs.


Best of luck to all the bloggers nominated! I see there are some nice TrainSignal VMware View and vSphere training DVDs up for grabs to voters, so make sure you get in there and cast your votes before the cut off time.


Cast your votes

Original post by Eric Siebert over at vSphere-Land discussing the nominations



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