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The vExpert title is given out to those who have provided a significant contribution to the VMware community over the previous year. Individuals lucky enough to be awarded this title may receive it for a number of different reasons. For the 2012 title, there were three paths possible to become a vExpert.

  • Evangelist path
  • Customer path
  • VPN (VMware Partner Network) path

Having created and run over the last four and half years or so, providing content to the community around VMware, automation, and scripting (as well as a couple of small little utilities), I was lucky enough to receive the title on the evangelist path this year.

Gregg Robertson (from has kindly been helping out with organising and publishing the vExpert spotlight entries. After finally managing to find a bit of time, I managed to get my entry together a few weeks ago and submitted it. It has just been posted up on the VMware VMTN blog:



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