17 thoughts on “How I deleted my Facebook (Meta), WhatsApp, and Instagram accounts, and felt great since”

  1. Brilliant. Definitely food for thought. I recently stopped keeping a Facebook tab “always open” in my browser and wow, my billable hours shot up. I just installed Telegram on my phone. Love it already. I had recently used it as an app on my PC and so was happy to find my history there on my phone!!

  2. Good point Lindsey. I said Telegram wasn’t perfect as a replacement for this reason too. Perhaps as Telegram grows they’ll also come under the same kind of scrutiny? Only time will tell.

  3. When it comes to relying on these platforms for business, then that is where things get tricky. For those already reliant on FB and Instagram etc for their business it’s a tough call to get off the platform. The best we can hope for is stronger competition from other platforms that don’t breach our data rights and do as much harm as the current ones.

  4. Nice to hear Josh. I’m also impressed with your photo hosting solution you’ve got. I had a look at your site and it’s put together very nicely. You’ve pretty much taken what you liked about Instagram and re-implemented the good bits yourself.

  5. Sam,

    I totally agree. My ‘previous’ main google account had tons of subscriptions, and often I found myself disappearing down the ‘youtube rabbit hole’ as I call it. I’ve since logged out of that account in as many places as possible and now tend to use Youtube exclusively as a ‘guest’. They still track you in some ways, but I’ve found it less invasive and now I have a handful of creators I like to regularly watch that I browse to manually. Other than that, I use it for specific reasons when I’m searching for a bespoke video or how-to, or interesting subject.

    My wish is for other content platforms to rise in popularity and give Youtube some strong competition. Floatplane.com is one such platform that has potential, we’ll see where that goes.

  6. Cory,

    Great post. I agree with what you say – link bait and content consumed on these platforms tends to reaffirm what others already believe, making it very difficult for them to leave their own ‘bubble’ or think about the possibilities outside of that.


  7. This is great news. I will be doing this shortly.
    These platforms are extremely distracting and a loss of good meaningful time to use for constructive projects. Thanks for the inspiration and will share this information with others.

  8. I went off FB 9 months ago, but had clung to WhatsApp because of one friend group. Just moved that thread off of WhatsApp and am now off all FB properties. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Ok but telegram does not have any transparency. They say they are mostly funded by one rich guy,. What is that guys agenda? We don’t know and he never has to face media scrutiny like what Mark Zuckerberg has to face.

  10. I have a doubt. Facebook is just meaningless agreed. But instagram is used for brand engagement and I have 3 account on insta 1 personal and 2 content account. So where do we get that things.what are their alternatives

  11. It’s a surprise how much we feel dependent on social networks and then we realize how false that is after we stop using them.

    I closed all my social network accounts more than five years ago. I remember that I was really worried that I’m going to miss a lot before doing it. And I was so wrong. Nothing changed in my life not knowing about my friends vacation, their cats and dogs, or people’s political views and random internet comments.

    I use a few tech feeds and weekly newsletters to stay up to date for my job.

    I’ve so much time to spend in real life. Explore, travel, exercise and sport. Try new tools and technologies and learn new languages.

    I’m writing here to mention a network that often nobody talks about it.
    During the lock-down I realized that there is still one service that does sometimes control me. And that’s Youtube. It’s a great platform. You can entertain, and learn. I really like it. But, what can suck you in to waste your time is Youtube algorithm.

    Overtime, I’ve subscribed to about 500 Youtube channels. Many of those really don’t add any value to me but I enjoyed some of their contents. After realizing that, I spent half an hour unsubscribing to any channel that I don’t think it’s relevant to me last month.

    I’m left with around 100 channels that I feel they do add value or entertain me. Youtube still gives me lots of recommendations but without any other efforts I’m spending third of the time I used to spend on Youtube just by unsubscripting. I think deep down those channels are things that can trigger me to stay longer on Youtube and that’s how they got me on the first place even if they don’t add a huge value to me. And as long as they appear more on recommendations, you have less chance to avoid them.

  12. Hey ,
    You spoke my mind purely…. Please need the advice to gather my “stuff” from FB..and am vrrroooooom!!!!
    Telegram ….hnmmm
    Sounds like… Getting bird of LEPROSY and allowing ECZEMA to fester,!!!?


  13. I have also deleted my entire social media accounts about 3 moths ago,
    And i am so happy that i left that time wasting things.

  14. Koodos my dude.
    I dropped facebook about 2 years ago and Instagram just last year.
    As a photographer, Instagram just never felt like a good community.
    So I’ve been advocating photographers stop posting to Instagram.
    I currently only host my own photos, and I find it much more rewarding.

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